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Review: Loch Fyne (Hertford, Hertfordshire)

Loch Fyne

 (Hertford, Hertfordshire)

Star Rating:  Food : 4 Stars  Service : 4.5 Stars

Hygiene Rating: 5

From Brigitte’s perspective

David had taken the day off work and Danielle had just written her GCSE English Literature exam that morning.  So we decided it was time to try Loch Fyne in Fore Street, Hertford, as since it’s opening in 2009 we had not gone there yet.  We were running late and only got there just after 2pm, delighted that they were still serving food.  The Hungarian waiter made us feel right at home and let us choose where we wanted to sit.  The decor is clean, fresh and welcoming.  I like the fact that the kitchen is open plan for you to see and they display their fish.  Our drinks orders were taken promptly and we were shown the specials board and had it explained to us (as the handwriting was a bit hard to read).  The waiter offered advice on what we would perhaps like and there were even a few selections of non fishy food (especially for me, as I still need some convincing to turn to the fishy side).

David ordered the Whole Grilled South Coast Plaice at £13.45, I had the Scottish Aberdeen Angus Char-grilled burger at £10.95 and Danielle had the Shell Fish Platter for one at £18.50 (trust the teenager to choose the most expensive item on the menu) and we ordered one Cranachan dessert to share .   We also made use of their online offer of a £15 off voucher if you spend more than £50 and this along with the drinks brought our bill to £55.90.  Although they are a bit pricey, the atmosphere, service and food make it worthwhile. 

David thoroughly enjoyed his plaice and it was served with boiled new potatoes.  He said it was one of the best he had ever eaten.

Even though they are a fish restaurant, I was served one of the yummiest burgers ever.  I would definitely recommend it, the patty was lovely and meaty and it had a thick slice of proper cheese (not processed rubbish). 

We decided to only order one dessert as we were already full up from all the lovely food.  So we went for something traditionally Scottish, the Cranachan with whiskey.    Needles to say we fought over every mouthful, so Danielle found a recipe and we stopped and bought the ingredients so she could make it for our afters at dinner time.  She did a top job and it tasted as good if not a bit better than the one at Loch Fyne.

From Danielle’s perspective

From the minute I walked through the doors the atmosphere felt very pleasant, the place didn’t stink of rotting fish at all. I loved the fact that they had a selection of the fresh fish open to see, and from my perspective it all looked amazing. I felt like having a sample of many different types of seafood, so I ordered the platter (even though it was rather pricey). When it arrived I was shocked at the size and variety of seafood and it all looked absolutely wonderful (if you don’t like fishy items, well it would look terrifying...). There was such an assortment that I honestly didn’t know where to start! Somehow I managed to eat the whole thing (of course with a little help from my dad, who also loves seafood). All the seafood was very fresh and extremely tasty! I would love to go back to The Loch Fyne in the very, very near future, the only down side being the price as it was a tad on the pricey side.

Overall Experience

We all loved it, and left in a good mood.   To top it off they gave us a voucher for a free bottle of house wine for our next visit.   I would definitely recommend Loch Fyne and will be making a swift return to them in the near future.

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  1. The burger looks good as you say Brigs ,
    but you can keep the fish . Sounds like a really nice place .

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