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Review: The Viceroy, Buntingford

The Viceroy

Date of visit: 28th  July 2012

I bet you all think that I spend my life eating out, well maybe just a little.  Saturday evening was no exception.  It was a group of six of us that went to what is usually our favourite Indian restaurant, The Viceroy in Buntingford.  I went there fully expecting to give them a raving review, unfortunately as you will read that was not the case.  We called a couple of days ahead to book, to make sure we have a table on arrival.  When we got there, they have placed us in a very awkward place, and the person on the end, kept getting knocked by the waiters and other patrons going to use the toilets.  Normally from the time we arrive and till we leave we have a great time at The Viceroy, this time we found the service to be very abrupt and almost trying to rush us.   They have changed from offering a variety of beers to only offering one type (can’t remember the name), you could have it draft or in a bottle.  One of our guests ordered a bottle and the other two men had draft.  The bottle beer tasted soapy (we all had a taste), the draft was ok, but nothing to write home about.  The ladies had two bottles of the white house wine (reasonably priced and the taste is pleasant), I always ask for another glass with ice, as I like very cold wine.  I had to remind them three times to bring me the ice.  We ordered poppadoms for starters.
Condiments that go with the poppadoms, always tasty

As they arrived and we were still trying to settle along with a bit of chatter, they already wanted to take our mains orders.  By this time I had barely had a sip of my wine.  One of our guests was still eating the starters and the waiter asked if we were finished and started to clear away (it was very ovibous that we were not), we had to say quite sternly that we were not and stopped him from clearing away.   I don’t know why the felt the need to push us as the restaurant was not over flowing and it was still a reasonable hour.  The food is always good at The Viceroy, you can’t fault that and they are one of the better priced Indian Restaurants in our area.  I managed to find a link to their menu, click on menu.

Onion bhaji

We ordered a variety of dishes for mains, as you will see from the photos.  But every time we ordered chicken they suddenly wanted us to order organic chicken (a new thing with them).  As David said later at home, he wanted to ask “organic as opposed to what, rubbish chicken, you should only offer the best”.  

Bombay aloo and mushroom rice

When they brought a plate of mushroom rice that they forgot to bring in the first instance the waiter lent over David while he was trying to eat to hand it to another guest at our table, nearly knocking his knife and fork.  The company was brilliant, the food good but the service ruined the whole evening, our waiter I think had just arrived in the UK and could hardly understand what we were saying.  They gave us their complementary cream liqueurs for the ladies and brandy for the men, but did not bring for one for one of the ladies, I had to ask for her and tell them that she was actually in her twenties.  Normally with the bill we used to get chocolates and small liquorish flavoured sweets, not this time, even though they kept them right behind us on the counter.  The whole evening just felt awkward, and according to our others guests they had the same experience the last time they went there.  Our bill for six of us including drinks was £123.00, not bad at all, one of the reasons we have gone there so often in the past.

Overall Experience

I think we will be on the lookout for another Indian Restaurant to become our regular.  To me service is as important as the food.

53 Hight Street, Buntingford, Herts, SG9 9AD
Tel: (01763) 271307

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  1. As one of the party of six I agree, a great evening with friends with good food but the service leaves alot to be desired. The service was very pushy trying to rush through our courses but why? the restaurant wasn't even full. Didn't like the table position and missed out on our complementaries at the end of our meal. I for one won't be going back in a RUSH!


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