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Review : Cumin Bar & Restaurant

Cumin Bar & Restaurant
Star Rating:  Food : 3 Stars  Service : 2.5 Stars

Hygiene Rating: 3

Cumin At Night

Date of visit: 16 February 2013

Situated in Turnford near Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, Cumin serves Indian Cuisine using traditional techniques and have been open since 2007.  After reading about this restaurant in our local paper David suggested that we all go there.  They had won recognition by their peers in 2012 and were finalists in 2010 in the annual Bangladesh Caterers Association UK (BCA UK) Awards for the Top Indian Restaurant in Hertfordshire, in the East of England Category. So we went with high expectations.  From the outside it does not give much away, on entering we were very surprised, the décor is lovely and modern. We had made a booking in advance for four and an hour before we were due to arrive I called and asked to change it to six, which they accommodated with no problems.  Which on our arrival I was amazed as they were full to the brim.

Unfortunately that is were my praise starts to come to an end.  As soon as we were in the main part of the restaurant you could hardly hear yourself think, let alone have a conversation with your dinner guests.  The tables were very close to each other and we were seated in a far corner right next to a very large group, with whom you shared a bench chair with on one side.  They had children with them as well who kept moving in  and out and knocking one of our dinner guests.  When we looked out of the darkened window on our one side, all you saw was what looked like a store room and staff opening and closing a storeroom door, not very attractive while you are eating.  The service was also very slow and at one stage David had to go and ask where our mains where as we had ordered them over an hour ago.

Now to the food, David, myself and Danielle ordered Chicken Shaslik, tender pieces of Chicken lightly spiced and cooked in oven and served with capsicum tomato and onion at £7.95.  I must say it did taste very nice, but not the best that I have eaten to date and the quantity of chicken was also a little on the mean side.  

Shannon ordered the Chicken Tikka Massala, a dish consisting of cream, almond powder, herbs, spices to give a rich creamy mild dish at £8.95.  She seemed to enjoy it, but I must say if you look at the picture it looked very saucy and not a lot of chicken at all.

Dee ordered King Prawn Biryani at £10.98, This seemed like a lot of food, but was also more rice then anything else.

Paul ordered Chicken Madras at £5.95, which he said tasted very good, but once again the quantity of chicken was on the mean side.  

Overall Experience

The total bill at the end of the evening for six people with two bottles of wine and other drinks and sides was £159.30.  So the foods flavour we can't fault, but the actual portion sizes with regards to actual meat compared to other Indian restaurants we have been to was not great at all.   Also the presentation was not very appetizing.  But what really ruined our evening was the noise levels, we just could not even speak to each other.  We also had to chase up our mains order as they took over an hour to serve that.  So I guess you have gathered we will not be returning there very quickly.

13 High Rd, Turnford, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN10 6AJ

Tel: 01992 469437

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