Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review: The White Hart Welwyn

Star Rating:  Food : 3.5 Stars  Service : 4 Stars

Date of visit: 26 April 2013

Thanks once again The 106 Jack FM for offering their £50 vouchers for £25.  If it was not for this we would not discover so many lovely places to eat in Hertfordshire.  David and I were at a loose end on Friday evening having to play taxi for Danielle and a few of her friends, so we had some time to kill.  We had bought the voucher and put it away for just such an occasion.  The drive to The White Hart was lovely, just when I think I have been everywhere I discover new places.  We put the postcode into the Satnav and followed her blindly, thinking we new exactly were we where going.  I thought that it was another pub that we had been to before, what a lovely surprise to find out it was not, I love discovering new places.  

They have got ample parking at the rear of the building and on our arrival were offered the option of going to the pub for a pre dinner drink or straight to our table.  I did have a bit of a problem understanding our waitress's accent, but then who am I to talk with my South African one.  We opted to go straight to our table as we had to fetch the girls later.  

You have to go down a few steps into their dining room, so it does not look very wheelchair friendly.  The décor is lovely and I must say you do feel as if you could have a lovely romantic evening there.  

The restaurant menu is very limited and pricey, I must say.  We were also given the option of choosing from their bar menu, which for a bar menu is also very pricey.  David and I both ordered their 21+ Day Aged ‘Bridget B’s’ 8oz Sirloin Steak @ £18.95 each, Rare breed beef with hand cut chips, grilled tomato & watercress with a choice of béarnaise, peppercorn or red wine sauces £1 each.  David took the pepper sauce and I asked if they could do a garlic butter sauce, which they did gladly.  I am not sure if it is the fact that we had just returned from South Africa and had been spoilt with the wonderful meat there, but for £18.95, I would have expected much more.  It did taste good, although David asked for the medium rare and me the medium, the waitress got it mixed up and I ended up eating a much more bloodier piece of meat than I would have like to.  

We ordered their House White @ £14.95
Overall Experience

Overall the waitress was lovely and attentive and regularly filled our wine glasses.  The chef accommodated my garlic sauce.  The atmosphere was lovely.  We had a lovely evening, but I don't think that I will rush back, the prices are scary and I don't feel warranted.  We have been to numerous just as lovely places with even better food that will not break the bank.  The meal in total cost us £56.55, that was just the two mains and one bottle of wine.

2 Prospect Place, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, AL6 9EN

Tel: 01438 715353

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  1. This & other Welwyn pubs are putting on 'specials' for Welwyn Festival Week in June


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