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Review: The Green Spice (Roydon Hamlet)


Date of visit: 27 July 2013

One of the best Indian Restaurants I have ever been to.  The décor is modern and clean, the cloakrooms are the best I have have used in a local restaurant.  The service is excellent and very professional and yet not pretentious.  You are made to feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door.  This is the second time that I have eaten here and it did not disappoint, it was exactly as I remembered.   

We started with the usual papadum's and sauces .  The sauces where of the best I have ever had, there was an amazing green one, not sure what was in it.  The mango chutney had actual pieces in it and was delicious.  For eight of them with the sauces it cost £6.00

For my mains I ordered Chicken Dansak @ £8.50 prepared with lentils, lemon juice and aromatic spice and served with pilau rice.  It was scrumptious, is the only way to describe it.  It had and sweet and sour taste with a slight burn (I did ask for it to be mild to medium).  The chicken dish is on the right.

Dee one of our dining party had the Prawn Dansak @ £9.50 prepared the same way as the chicken dish, but instead of pilau rice she asked for mushroom rice, which they gladly exchanged.  If she could have licked the bowl she would have.  It was very moresome. To the left of the picture above.

Paul ordered the Chicken Madras @ £5.50 Fairy hot dish cooked in garlic, lemon juice and spice.  From my side of the table it went down a treat.

David was daring (NOT), he ordered his usual with a slight twist, Mix Shaslick @ £7.95 chicken and lamb, cooked with tomatoes, green peppers and onions.  Cooked in a special clay tandoori.  As his sides he ordered Aloo Gobi @ £3.50, cauliflower with potato and a Chapathi @ £1.50.  These were inspired by Rick Stein's India

Overall Experience

Would I recommend The Green Spice?  YES.  If you are in the vicinity you have to give them a try.  The total bill with a bottle of wine, couple of beers, coffees etc came to £96.70 for four of us.  Well worth every penny.  

Tylers Road, Roydon Hamlet, CM19 5LJ

Tel: 01279 792666

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