Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: The Harvester (Stevenage, Hertfordshire)

the harvester 


Overall Experience

Date of Visit 14 June 2012

This is going to be a very short review.  We decided to go out as a family for a lovely meal that would not break the bank and thought we would give The Harvester in Roaring Meg, Stevenage a try.  On arrival we were greeted by the manager and were told it would be about a 20 minute wait, we said that would be fine, she also told us that we could not have bottomless cold drinks as they were cleaning the pipes (why you would do this at dinner time, I will never know), we said that would be fine, but were a little disappointed as that was one of the reasons for going, making it a little more affordable.  Danielle was not keen on us staying, as she did not feel comfortable with the whole atmosphere, but we persevered.  The manager suggested we get a drink from the bar while we waited.  Danielle and I found some chairs to sit on while David went and got me a cider and Danielle and himself a Diet Coke.  He placed his order with the barman who promptly dumped the two bottles of Coke on the counter along with my cider.  David asked if he could please have some glasses and ice.  The barman turned round to him and said you should have asked for them to start with.  David asked him if he had had customer service training and the barman walked away mumbling under his breath.  Another customer told him that he should not talk about his customers like that.  David insisted that the barman send the manager over to us.  She came and David explained the situation to her, she was very apologetic and said she would have a word with him.  She then took us to our table, where we were told to help ourselves to salads and we placed another drinks order.  The salads are really nothing to write home about, no wonder they offer them for free.  When the drinks arrived the Diet Cokes were flat, the waitress insisted they had come from a bottle (nonsense, they tasted like machine Coke) and they were charging us for bottle Coke.  This was the last straw and David called over the manager and we left, our food order had already been taken a while ago.  She did not make us pay for anything, and was very sorry.  I do not go out to spend my well earned money to be insulted and served flat drinks.

So suffice to say, we will never be going there again or to any other Harvester, as this was the second one that we had received bad service and food. 

Rating Guide

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  1. Perhaps paying that little bit more is worth it just for the customer service!


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