Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review: Paddyfields (Hertford, Hertfordshire)


 (Hertford, Hertfordshire)

From Brigitte’s perspective

On Saturday the 9th of June, David, myself and some good friends went to Paddyfields in Hertford.  From the moment we arrived we were greeted by warm smiles and excellent service.  We have been there before on numerous occasions and always have an enjoyable meal.  Our drinks orders were taken straight away and some good suggestions offered.  We all ordered from their set menu, meals for two.   Every dish was mouth watering, as you will notice we started eating before I could take a photograph.

The Duck, that was consumed before I could take a photo

The décor of the restaurant is not the most inspiring and from outside it does not look very inviting, but once you are seated and eating you forget all about your surroundings.

For four of us with two bottles of wine and a couple of beers the bill came to £110.30.

These ribs were finger linking good

Overall Experience

A great evening was had by all.  I would not say that this is the best restaurant that I have ever eaten in, but if you are looking for good service and lovely Chinese food, you can't go wrong.

They don't have a website

Address: 3 St. Andrew Street, Hertford, SG14 1HZ

Telephone No: 01992 550582

Rating Guide

5 Stars - Perfect
4.5 Stars - Exceptional
4 Stars - Excellent
3.5 Stars - Very good
3 Stars - Good
2.5 Stars - Average
2 Stars - Bad
1.5 Stars - Very bad
1 Star - Dire

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  1. As one of the friends who accompanied you that evening I do agree with your comments although I would like to add that the food selection with in each menu was varied and complemented each other nicely. The portions where ample for two people, good food, good service with no frills. Would do it again.


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