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Review : John Gilpin (Ware)

Date of visit: 15 November 2012

Well what can one say, OH dear!  Really wish that we had not decided to try a new 2 for 1 on Thursday evening.  We normally go to The Anchor in Thundering, which never disapoint's.  You should take it as a sign that when you pull into the car park your car is the best one there, and it is not as if we drive an overly flash car.  Also on entering the pub the sign on the door said that any hooligans (or something in that line) will be thrown out, bearing in mind we were going with our 16 year daughter, makes you wonder if you should enter at all.  The décor is very tired and looks a little on the grubby side. I must say who I think was the landlady did greet us on our arrival, but the rest of the few patrons sort of glared at us, as if we were from out of space.   We chose a table with a chair in front of a door that we thought was a fire escape, guess what, it was not and from the moment we sat down the door was being opened and I kept having to move out of the way and got a cold blast hitting me.  We then decided to up and move.

Danielle and I both decided on a Beefburger, described in the menu as being served with chips and salad garnish at a cost of £7.25 for the two.  Not a bad price, but really they could have given it to us for free and I still will not want to eat it again.  The burger arrived with no butter, just a burger patty in it, we had to drench it in tomato sauce to make it palatable.  The salad garnish was old brown looking lettuce, the chips were not too bad.

Being a 2 for 1 David was really in the mood for a big rump steak and being from South Africa we like our meat and an 8oz steak just not big enough, so he ordered two rumps to make up the fourth meal.  This was served with peas and three tiny little onion rings, chips and tomato. He said it was ok, bit chewy, in fact just edible.  This cost £9.95 for the two, also not badly priced but I would rather eat at home then go back to the John Gilpin in Ware.  


Overall Experience

Overall the whole evening with three drinks cost £27.10, not bad a suppose for four meals.  But unless you really do not have any money and you can't cook, I would not recommend that go here.

London Road, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9LX

Tel: 01920 462321

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  1. Ooops, no change then I use to go there in my youth and it was a dive then! Nx


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