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Review : Taste of Raj (Stanstead Abbotts)

Date of visit: 17 November 2012

We decided to give Taste of Raj in Stanstead Abbotts a try with our usual dinning guests.  They had previously had takeaways from them and their son has eaten there on a couple of occasions.  We had made a booking and were taken to our table straight away, the staff were very friendly and welcoming.  The restaurant was full, which is always a good sign.  One issue I had was that, as you all know I am not the smallest of people and it was quite embarrassing when I could not get between two tables to get to ours tuck in the far corner and the guests at those tables had to move their chairs in.  Once we got to our table there was barely any room for manover and the table was very small and right next to a poor couple that looked like they were on a romantic date that had just been gate crashed.  David and I sat next to each other and could barely move.  There was no going to the toilet, as the last thing I needed was to create another scene.  Sometimes I think restaurants try to hard to make that extra buck by cramming in the tables.  As you all know when ordering Indian food you need lots of room on the table as they bring the heating racks and everything is served in separate bowls.  We also had a wine cooler and other glasses fighting for space.  
The service was prompt and friendly and our drinks and poppadoms were served quickly.  There onion Onion Bhaji had nothing on the Raj of Hertford they were the usual flat one's.  For starters we ordered Chicken Pakoras, pieces of spicy tender chicken, marinated in lemon then coated in batter and deep fried in mustard oil.  We got four per portion (if you notice onbly two in the picture that is two had already been consumed) at a cost of £2.95.  I could have had a plate full of them, yummy is the only way to describe them.

I ordered the same as what I had had at Raj of Hertford and that was Chicken Malaya at a cost of £5.25.  It was very bland and the chunks of pineapple were too large and too few.  I had to add a lot of salt to make it palatable.  Think I need to become more adventurous next time and try a Dansak.

David had Chicken Saslick, pieces of spring chicken lightly spiced and cooked with green pepper, onion, tomato and grilled over charcoal at a cost of £6.95.  He said it tasted very nice, but was also not the best he had eaten.  If I compare the photo's of the same dish with other places I have reviewed, I must agree.

Dee had the Chicken Dansak, a hot, sweet and sour dish cooked with lentils (she asked for hers to be mild) at a cost of £5.25.  I had a taste and must say I will be trying a Dansak next time I order Indian food.  It did along with my dish look a bit on the runny side.

Paul had a Chicken Madras, fairly hot dish cooked with plenty of sauce at a price of £4.95.  I had a taste of this as well, it is lovely, just leaves a killer of an after burn.  

Overall Experience

Taste of Raj is Stanstead Abbotts oldest Indian restaurant, Established in 1983.  They are a family run restaurant and offer traditional and modern fusion Indian food at very reasonable prices.  It's set in a really old building and feels so cosy and homely with all the beams. 

Overall the whole evening with two bottles of wine, coffees, beers, and other liquors cost £105.30.  Would I go back, yes, but not my first choice for an Indian meal, that is still Raj of Hertford for me.

11 High Street, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 8AA

Tel: 01920 871333

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  1. I agree with your comments in full but we still had a good evening as we always do. I would go back but would request a different table with more room all round, all the tables are close to each other though so to cater for more people equals more taking I think.


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